Friday, December 07, 2007

How baseball continues to hate Marvin Miller 

I mentioned this briefly on Monday, but Phil Miller and Skip Sauer get to the meat of it. Phil's conclusion:

So, should Marvin Miller be in the Hall of Fame? That depends on how you view MLB. If you view it as a profit-maximizing cooperative, probably not. If you view MLB as something higher and you think the Hall of Fame should include people who made MLB substantially better off by their contributions, then the answer is yes. How did he make MLB better? By fighting for players' rights to contract with teams of their choosing.

Will he get there? Sadly, probably not with the voting rules as they are right now, at least not for a long time.

The rules have a committee of 12, largely of former baseball executives, the very people who Skip says responded to the breaking of the reserve clause "with a twenty year long, Sisyphus-like ordeal of lockouts and strong-arm tactics in an attempt to turn back the clock in the labor market."

Having former baseball executives decide Marvin Miller's entry into the Hall of Fame is like asking Democrats to pick the next Republican presidential nominee, or vice versa. The players should get to vote on Miller.

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