Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who are we? 

King Banaian says,

I get occasional comments, sometimes rather hostile, as to what this blog is. I needed an "about" post anyway and don't have that in the template, so I decided to create one tonight.

Here is the very first post on this blog from September 2002 in full:
This is an opening post for a group weblog for SCSU members of the NAS to discuss events at SCSU and elsewhere that would be of interest to us and to the SCSU faculty and staff. It's a team list; if you're a member and want to join in the fun, let me know.
It was that simple: The St. Cloud Association of Scholars was an organization that affiliated with the NAS and MAS here in Minnesota. I'm still a member of MAS, but most of the rest of the (the SCAs) organization has withered away. At one time there were four people regularly posting here, plus a couple of occasional posts by other SCAS members, but that ended a few years ago with retirements and the movement of me to the NARN.

NARN meant this blog changed roles. Needing material each week, which frankly this blog didn't lend itself to at the time. So more politics, and more economics. When Final Word was launched in August 2006, even greater focus on state politics ensued. Shortly thereafter I invited Janet Beihoffer to co-author SCSU Scholars, and she continues here to this day, though my output tends to dominate the page. (Her information is just below.)

Starting on NARN meant a decision -- do I change the name of the blog to, say, my own name? I decided against it. I had hoped, in vain it turns out, that other SCSU scholars would join this page. (If you're one reading this, the offer is still open.) The blog is my own work for the most part, and what appears here under my signature is mine alone, and does not reflect the views of my department, college of university.

For those looking to know my professional career, here's my university page, including all the coursework I do, the research, etc. There's a brief bio there if you really must know. My wife is referred to on this blog as Mrs. Scholar, our daughter is known as Littlest, and there's a high demand among readers for Buttercup and Pepper photos.

Janet Beihoffer says:

A Gen-xer was defined as someone born after 1965, who would hold multiple jobs and pursue multiple careers during their lifetime. I'm a bit older but the definition fits. My succinct previous career list includes: elementary teacher (grades 4,5,6); CPA (Peat Marwick which has become KPMG); small business consultant (U of M), IBM marketing career (large systems, telecommunications); EDI seminar instructor. I am currently an Adjunct Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at Metropolitan State University (I've also taught at the University of St. Thomas).

At the present time I am rather active in politics. I was elected chair person of the 2nd Congressional District Republicans in February.

King and I crossed paths via The Minnesota Association of Scholars, where we both serve on the Board of Directors. My blogging is erratic but I tend to discuss points avoided by the mainstream media (MSM) talking heads. I believe the vast majority of people are smart enough to figure out their own answers, if taught and given the necessary information, . It galls me no end when MSM information slants, hides, ignores or otherwise obfuscates real facts to protect someone's "agenda." My main focus areas include: education, the environment, the US military, the USA and the destructive results of the feminist and various (but not all) '60's "movements."

My husband and I have four adult children. Two are married and our first grandchild arrived in January. One is a 2nd Lt. in the US Army, currently stationed stateside. I've been a dog lover all my life. Our last one got very ill in December of 2006. There was nothing the vets could do. It was a sad time. We have not replaced her yet but that may change.

Blogging with King provides a terrific opportunity to express my opinions. I have enjoyed reading comments from so many of you. Thank you for your participation. Here's hoping we will see and hear from you in the future.