Monday, December 03, 2007

You know the world is screwed up 

...when the Veterans Committee votes Bowie Kuhn into the Baseball Hall of Fame and leaves Marvin Miller out. Sure, Kuhn was commissioner for fifteen years, but anyone wanting to tell me that baseball was better off after he left than when he arrived may post this in comments after they explain how baseball went from America's sport to no better than third during his tenure. Add to that the Kuhn rule on selling players, and the disastrous handling of the collective bargaining agreement, and you begin to wonder if the kind of fame Kuhn earned belongs enshrined anywhere besides Madame Tussaud's? Of course, Kuhn's death earlier this year contributes to the vote.

The best you can say is that he gave us night baseball in the World Series. So those of us who were tired all of October following the Red Sox have yet one more reason to think Mr. Kuhn was not someone to be honored.

Late 2005 interview with Kuhn here.