Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chili and Chat wrap 

I was certain, when Derek Brigham invited me to Chili and Chat to replicate the Final Word live, that he had said since we were both vegetarians we would not go hungry. Well that was true ... if you can eat mounds and mounds of cole slaw. (I cannot.)

Aside that, this was a great event. Rep. Tom Emmer is a passionate, humorous, and knowledgeable interview. Which is what we did, since if we had him on the Final Word that's what we would have done on-air. (We had him on once just for ten minutes to talk about Swansongate.) While he reviewed the session in a way readers of this blog (or Michael's) would be familiar, we also talked about the next year and here he had two things important to say:
I have yet to see other posts with pictures, and alas I also didn't get too many notes on who was attending, besides the Freedom Dogs contingent, Matt Abe from North Star Liberty, Drew Emmer of course from Wright County Republican, and at least one other whose face I can imagine but can't put a name or blog on. (I'll fix this when I get an update with pix.)

Let me suggest that SD45 Republicans have found a good way to get people out. Even with other events nearby and a spectacular evening for walking outside, I counted over fifty people in attendance at the event, on a Tuesday night on an off-year of the cycle. Other BPOUs take note, and start getting your people together. I'll come, but next time, somebody brings the vegetarian chili.

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