Monday, August 24, 2009

Best sentence I read today 

Don Boudreaux, from a series on how cleanliness has been the result of the expansion of markets:
[E]ven though airports in the U.S. are typically owned and operated by governments, these governments contract with private firms to design and build airports � and the creativity and innovativeness on display in our daily lives is due not to the bureaucracy of the state but to the competition and creativity of capitalism.
For my international traveling friends: Have you ever found bathrooms nicer than those in your better U.S. airports? If so, where? I remarked to someone that I thought the bathrooms at JFK were pretty poor; she answered "compared to what?" This was on my trip back from Yerevan and Prague which, while good by European standards -- Yerevan's airport getting a major overhaul a few years ago -- would have not been as nice as JFK's.

BTW, an update on my excellent adventure from last month: Delta sent a nice apology and some travel vouchers. At least they found the rest of my mileage, which moved me back into Elite. Czech Airlines sends a snotty letter saying it's not their fault and that my hotel reservation was there but I didn't ask for it, even though I had. Of course you know which one is a state airline.

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