Thursday, July 16, 2009

Minnesota jobs: no green shoots there, either 

Jobs are down in Minnesota still:
Minnesota employers cut 16,700 jobs in June, according to figures released today by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

The agency said the state�s unemployment rate in June rose to a seasonally adjusted 8.4 percent, up from 8.1 percent in May. The U.S. unemployment rate in June reached 9.5 percent.

The sectors that added jobs in June were trade, transportation and utilities, which gained 800 jobs, and financial activities, which added 600 positions.

Jobs losses occurred in June in construction (down 3,900), manufacturing (down 3,700), professional and business services (down 3,500), leisure and hospitality (down 3,000), logging and mining (down 1,000), government (down 800), other services (down 800), information (down 700), and education and health care (down 700).

Fishing around the data, I note St. Cloud is down 2,300 private sector jobs in the last 12 months. About all of that is from goods production, meaning construction and manufacturing. Health and education are actually up 700 over that same time. Retail trade (which is fairly large here) is flat.

State government employment? Up 1.9% in the last twelve months in Minnesota to over 100,000 workers. Overall government employment in St. Cloud is up 401 jobs. Hold that thought, the next time you hear about unallotment.

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