Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I have a man-crush on Bill Simmons 

Because he says things like this:
The thing that everyone forgets about this season is that because of the economy, nobody improved their team at the trading deadline. Cleveland, Boston, L.A., San Antonio, Denver, Houston, Dallas�all of them had holes and all of them were terrified of fixing them because they didn�t want to take on any money. Only Orlando swung a deal that had them adding money (Rafer Alston); they didn�t have a choice because they lost their point guard. The biggest loser was Cleveland: They could have added Shaq, Antwan Jamison, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, even Zack Randolph; instead, they basically said, �No thanks, we�re good.� And they weren�t. So we had a flawed playoffs to some degree, and even the Finals feels flawed. Ideally, the Lakers would have added one more quality shooter and Cleveland would have gotten LeBron more help (so we wouldn�t have even seen Orlando). Didn�t happen. That�s why I wrote a column calling the N.B.A. �The No Benjamins Association� last February. Just wait until this summer; you will see guys worth $60 million in the old market settling for short-term, $20 million deals. Every flag at every Ferrari dealership will be hanging at half-mast.
He's been saying this for quite a while. I wonder how the Minnesota Twins feel about having their new stadium open next season? Think the Pohlads stuck that extra $50 million into the field for nothing? �(And did you know that the Twins are selling their outfield bleacher seats based on the price of the Dow? �No, me neither.)

Anyway, reading Simmons has been a Boston pleasure for many years. �He says the new basketball book (I'm already clearing Kindle space for it; please, please let it be on Kindle!) will be the best thing he's ever written. �I doubt it. �

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