Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Have a cough? Get a Kirby! 

Last night I was at our BPOU meeting and heard about HF 264, which would have mandated health insurance policies that covered durable medical products like a wheelchair to provide hypoallergenic pillows and HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners to policyholders who were suffering from "asthma symptoms." It was also to be included in payments for people on medical assistance. This is the braincrampchild of Representative Karen Clark of Minneapolis. We had some fun talking about it this morning on the KNSI Morning Show.

Today they posted a revision, removing the mandate on private policyholders, but retaining it for MA. It's on its way to the Finance Committee, having passed Health Care and Human Services. One can only shake his head, but hope his dandruff does not cause an allergic reaction.

Maybe it's time for another version of stupid bills.

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