Saturday, February 17, 2007

And we have a winner 

The victor of our first wave of ridiculous bills is HF 615, the sex education act which includes the possibility of sex ed for kindergartens. The rundown of the vote:
Total votes: 209.

If you want to see details on any bill, go to the House legislative site and put in the bill number in the left as hfnnn (with nnn the number of the bill.) The winner is linked as an example.

We expect to have a second poll later starting Monday, and then a runoff between HF615 and the second winner. Minnesota Democrats Exposed is already leading us to one strong contender.

Tune into the Northern Alliance Radio Network's Final Word at 3pm CT today for more, plus a return visit from U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann. Streaming here (Mitch and Ed are on right now!) and see if you can help us select which bills go on the list. Drew Emmer will be assisting us after 4pm.

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