Monday, February 23, 2009

And the answer is.... 

On Saturday I asked whether Gov. Pawlenty would join Gov. Jindal et al. in refusing any of the stimulus money. Jim Gegharty provides an interview, in which Pawlenty responds:
Minnesota ranks forty-sixth in terms of getting federal spending in relation to the amount of taxes paid � for every dollar we sent in to Washington, we get about 72 cents back. We�re a major payer of the federal government�s tabs, unlike many other states that I won�t mention. I say, when you�re paying to buy the pizza, it�s okay to have a slice. Now, if you were a liberal Democratic governor and you opposed military spending, are you not going to take National Guard funding? If you were a liberal who opposed No Child Left Behind, are you going to take federal funding in education? So I�m wondering why that standard is only being applied now to conservatives.

All the governors are going to take almost all of the money. I�m not aware of any governor turning down a substantial amount.
So let's see:
  1. Others are taking the money too, so why shouldn't I?
  2. Since I have to pay anyway, I might as well get my stuff. (Sounds like the argument for spending on the Twins.)
I hope Littlest learns better than this. We wouldn't accept this logic from our children.

UPDATE: Craig Westover adds to the discussion saying conservative answers for where to cut spending fall short of standing on principle, too.
The way out of the current economic situation is not further sacrifice, but less. A more revealing question than �What government services would you be willing to see curtailed?� is: �What government services have you, or will you, unilaterally give up?� As no individual virtue is found in imposed government largess for the benefit of others, there is no virtue in waiting to accept curtailment of government largess to one�s individual benefit. Perhaps the answer to your question is as simple as �just say no.�

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