Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Doug Grow wants 

Read this about how to close the deficit.

Count the number of paragraphs before you get to "cut spending".

Grow's formula raises six taxes (and a fee) before you finally get to "cut private school aid for such items as transportation and textbooks." Emphasis mine. God forbid we touch the public schools.

Grow argues that even the laundry list of tax increases can't fix this deficit, that at the end,
The political reality is Republicans can doodle with cuts as much as DFLers doodle with tax increases. In the end, both cuts and taxes are going to be needed.
But note to Doug Grow: There are no needs. There are only choices to be made. If Governor Pawlenty decides, either today in the State of the State or sometime later, to sign tax increases, that is his choice. Same is true of the DFL leadership. I do not want to hear "we had no choice." You do. And you asked for the job of choosing. There is no theoretical basis for calling some spending 'need' and other spending 'want'. It's all 'want'. Tell us what you want, and we'll vote to tell you if it's what we want, too.

Grow wants a lot, and wants your money to pay for it.

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