Monday, January 19, 2009

Tax that fellow behind the tree 

Here's an intriguing poll. It is headlined "Many OK with taxes, spending cuts to balance budget." 49% support a combination, while 41% favor primarily budget cuts (see poll results and splits here, starting at question 8.) But it's all about raising someone else's taxes. Raising the top individual income tax rate (which affects probably less than 100,000 taxpayers in Minnesota) is favored by 53% of those polled; no word how many of those responding favorably were in the group whose taxes would rise. But when asked whether or not they would support a sales tax expansion to food and clothing, 81% said no. Nobody I've heard has even come remotely close to asking to tax food. Clothing is another matter. The Minnesota Taxpayers League notes in an e-update this morning "It�s easy for people to say yes to tax increases�as long as it�s not their taxes."

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