Thursday, October 16, 2008

Local financial crisis podcast 

Three colleagues and I created a forum for discussion of the financial crisis. Campus radio station KVSC recorded the event and has podcast it. I doubled as moderator. The slides I used are here. (A couple are adopted from other things found on the web, so you might have seen them before.) My thanks to the other participants and to KVSC for the recording.

There was another forum at the University of Minnesota. Bigger names, perhaps, but I'm pretty sure I said something quite close to V.V. Chari:
Chari also complained that the administration�s crisis planning and strategy was largely done in secret, at a time when transparency was what the financial markets needed.

�This is the most opaque crisis recovery plan in history,� he said. �They may know things that we don�t, and those things may justify their fear. If that�s the case, please tell us.�

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