Monday, September 29, 2008

In case you forgot the gas problem 

There's still a shortage going on, and might for awhile longer, in the southeast.
Atlanta�s chaotic gasoline shortage should be back to normal by Columbus Day, Oct. 13, at the latest, said Randy Bly of AAA South. That means about two more weeks of uncertainty, desperate searches for stations with gasoline and long lines at stations that do.

Bly said Nashville had fuel shortages similar to those in metro Atlanta, but now 70 to 80 percent of the city is being supplied.

...The chaos began when Hurricanes Gustav and Ike temporarily shut down Gulf Coast refineries. As shortages began to become evident, panicked motorists began topping off and filling up gas canisters. That has delayed a recovery, but the flow through major pipelines from the Gulf remains reduced. As of Friday, only three of the Gulf's 56 refineries were still off line, but several open refineries were at reduced production levels.
More thoughts on inventories at The Oil Drum. I agree with their comment, "why haven't gas prices risen more?"

Next time you hear a liberal yearn for Jimmy Carter (they do!) you can also remember these lines from 1974. Cui bono?

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