Friday, May 30, 2008

National delegate battles 

National Delegate lists have been announced. One-minute speeches are given. Michael has been announced a a candidate. He announces his blog and the show. He did fine, though the shine off his head was blinding. The inclusion of Marianne Stebbins on that list indicates that Ron Paul supporters have been given the opportunity to run. (Interestingly one was both on the team slate put together by party regulars and by the Paul campaign.) Stebbins uses her speech to talk about Paul, not about her own candidacy. She (strategically) goes last.

The one-minute format is not easy, and many are either afraid to say enough in case they get cut off, or don't tell you enough. One fellow, Dan(?) Williams, got it -- say the name three times, do it with energy, and get out. The mayor of St. Bonifacius, Rick Weible, is using his effort to have his city secede from Hennepin County and its taxes as a springboard for office. Quentin was up -- the betting was 30 seconds over-or-under for when he first mentions Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. I had the under, and won. The job was well done for keeping people to the one minute and we're done in 30 minutes with the speeches.

UPDATE (2pm): Attempt to take a break fails. Instead, attempts to get more voices from the Paul supporters offered but fails. The rules debate is making them try to find 2/3 votes. I am waiting for someone to make a motion to take additional nominations from the floor; and now when someone tries to do so they are being told the rules. Some Paul voters attempt to demand for a vote on additional nominations but don't get recognized by the chair. Complaints are that voters must vote for a certain number (no bullet voting) and that the nominating committee was allowed to choose who was to be on the ballot (ballots were printed with names, no blanks for write-ins.)

When the nominating committee came up to name the alternates passed, there was a good deal of shouting from Paul supporters, leading to a rebuke from the chair. Now, an attempt to bring alternates for nomination from the floor is voted down. And the speeches begin. State party chair Ron Carey comments:
�They�ve had endless points of order that were not true points of order. It was an intentional slowing of the process. ... We want the Ron Paul people to be part of the party � they are part of the party. But the game�s been played and it was won by McCain.�
Slate discussions from Duchschere now cover the battle between the Paul and McCain/state party slates. Still no announcement of results to the larger battle.

UPDATE 2: (1454) Ron Paul supporters seem to be rallying on the vote for alternates. Vote to allow additional nominations was close but ruled to fail. There was a short break, they are now considering the nomination of Sen. Norm Coleman to run for re-election. The vote has happened in a matter of minutes, and they are running his video now. I'll close this vote and post on Coleman's speech next.

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