Friday, May 30, 2008

Rules pass without much mess 

Rules debates seldom seem to be important. Even when a church goes nuts over which edition of Roberts they're going to use happens, most of us don't laugh, we just shake our heads.

The vote on this was for 2/3 majority, and the rules as presented to the convention passed. That's a big deal. The chair has moved the questions very quickly from the proposed changes to the vote on the entire docket. The people who are trying to have rules changed have now started to protest that the vote went too fast, but the first major battle is won by the McCain and state party regulars.

Our frequent caller Quentin is up protesting how quickly the vote has happened, and that the majority appeared to be well-organized and given cues how to vote. He's been ruled out of order (fella, this is a convention, not Hugh's show.)

I am surprised this has gone as quickly as it has.

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