Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I hate it when they do that 

First read the article I wrote, then read the headline. Ask yourself -- did I say we're not in a recession or did I say we don't know yet? The final paragraph...
I am not saying that those who have called the state economy to be in recession are wrong. I mean no criticism of the state economist, who may have more data (and more recent data). And I do not make light of the fact that certain segments of the economy have experienced some turbulent times. But the word "recession" describes not sectoral decline, not a series of anecdotes, but an experience broadly shared. I simply argue that the case is not yet proven.
The headline: Economic signs don't point to 'recession'.

Of course, it could be I find enough data in the next few weeks to agree with others who say we are. That headline doesn't help my credibility one bit.

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