Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Attacking the Person by Hillary's Staffers 

The Clinton machine is hunkering down, going into defense mode. As this article in The Hill, a leading source of "inside the DC beltway news" shows, Hillary's staff now claims her debacle was caused not by her behavior or her inability to come across as knowledgeable, organized, poised, etc. Her demise supposedly was caused by Tim Russert. One supporter even said, "Tim Russert should be shot."

As I wrote here and here, Hillary's defense team is behaving typically. Their comments do not focus on the FACT that Hillary flubbed her answer about giving drivers' licenses to illegals. Instead, the staffers focus on blaming and ascribing labels to others.

I heard Margaret Thatcher speak a few years ago. Maggie was asked if there were any special problems with being a woman prime minister. She was taken aback. Her response indicated this was a non-issue for her. You see, Margaret Thatcher was a strong individual who valued her job performance. She did very well, in all environments.

Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher, not even close.