Thursday, November 01, 2007

Avoiding Ideas by Attacking the Person 

Last evening, I wrote this post about Hillary Clinton's staffers, who dealt with her poor performance in Tuesday's Democratic Presidential debate by blaming others for her debacle (Tim Russert was belligerent and mean, etc.). They showed the all-too-typical leftist/Democrat behavior of avoiding ideas, instead resorting to attacking the person, in this case the debate questioners.

So, the first comment on my post was made by someone who ignored the ideas I raised, assumed I was a male, and immediately attacked me by implying I am a sexist.
Someone else that can't stand a strong woman..I feel for you men.
Hello!? For those of you who are reading challenged, please note, my name is "Janet." I consider myself, as do most others who know me, to be a strong, independent woman. If you have any remaining doubt, here's a photo.