Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hillary, Heat and Debates 

There are many news outlets, including blogs, criticizing Mrs. Clinton for her flip- flopping in last night's Democratic Presidential Debate. So be it. What got my attention were the comments made by her staffers today, that Tim Russert was too tough in his questions, unfair, biased, etc. From their defense of their goddess, it appears they have not bothered to watch the questioning of Bush's spokesperson by the Washington Press Corps or questions posed to Republican presidential candidates.

Hillary, honey, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Last night you were asked very valid questions and you could or would not answer them, period. If you cannot handle questions from news people, you will never be able to make a case for Americans. Therefore, you should not be president. You may think you can do the job but if you cannot answer specific questions directly either you don't have an answer or you have an answer you know the American public will not buy and you want to avoid letting us know.

Regardless, you came across a shrill, unprepared, rude, and panicky candidate. You will have to be tougher than you have shown. You cannot play the game as your hubby did - he didn't have to deal with the threats to freedom that we face today and in the future. Either grow up, make your case, state your position or get out of the kitchen.