Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Special session line of the day 

It's like a joyride in a fire truck. There's no fire. But it sure is fun to drive around town with the lights and sirens on!
Drew Emmer, commenting on reports that the special session is on for more than just a bridge.

UPDATE: He's not just blowing smoke. Apparently there is a meeting today with the Governor and legislative leaders in which property tax relief is a topic for discussion, along with the items of the August 10 memo, a limited bonding bill and emergency funds for the flooding in southeastern MN.

"They threw property tax relief under the bus in an instant so they could fuel their appetite for social service and welfare spending,"Pawlenty said. "That is out of whack with the message and priorities they said they were going to stand for during the campaign, and it's out of whack with where the state should head."
The answer is not to feed them more.

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