Monday, January 18, 2010

Go here to see a 2-minute video on Scott Brown's rally yesterday. Not only did he pack Mechanics Hall with at least 2000 people but the Crowne Hotel, up the street, opened its halls for a second visit, at least another 1500 and that doesn't count those who couldn't get in. Compare the enthusiasm here with the dull response at Martha aka "Marcia" Coakley's rally on Sunday. Hmmmmm

For the record the teachers' union members were not appearing at their phone bank this morning because of the weather. But, Scott's phone banks were fully staffed.

Go Scott. Go here to help with phone calls. We have to get out the Republicans and independents voting our way. We have no choice.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Massachusetts, Scott Brown, the Numbers 

The range of polling results for the upcoming MA US Senate race have been inconsistent, but show an upward trend for the Republican candidate, Scott Brown. I don't often follow polls but in this race, they are interesting. MA is supposed to be a very blue state, perhaps the bluest so one would expect the polls to reflect a disproportionate number of Democrats as being polled.

Then I saw these surprising numbers in the WSJ: "And many people do not realize that independents outnumber Democrats�51% of registered voters in the state are not affiliated with a party, while 37% are registered as Democrats and 11% as Republicans." Hmmmm. Even with a 3+:1 advantage for Democrats, the percent of independents really impacts the results. If you add the independents and Republicans, the total is 62%. Another hmmmm. My non-statistical observations have led me to conclude that Independents vote for Democrats far more often the Republicans. If 'my' observations are correct, then the polls in MA showing Scott Brown even or ahead indicate that independents are moving right for whatever reason.

I still believe the result is still too close to predict and possibly, Coakley could end up with a huge win. But, then again, Brown may pull off an incredible win.

Jon Keller, author of the article and a political analyst for WBZ radio and TV in Boston, sums up the article with this observatin: "Are we in for another shot heard 'round the world? Perhaps. More likely, listen for the sound of horse hooves on the pavement, and a modern-day version of Paul Revere's historic warning�the backlash is coming."

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Odds 'n' Ends 

The Massachusetts US Senate race has come alive. A few observations: Whether or not Scott Brown is a "true conservative" he has energized the conservative/Republican base. He has raised over $1,000,000/day M-F this week. The Democratic Senate caucus now has to spend their money on a race they thought they had in the bag. Hmmmmm - what does this mean?

Conservatives understand anyone besides a Democrat is a breakthrough in blue, blue MA. Frankly, I think it's still a toss-up. And with Obama heading to MA - well, let's say, he needs a trip with a positive (for him) versus negative (Copenhagen 1, Copenhagen 2, HC, etc.) outcome. Heck, if Brown comes within 10 points, it will shake the Dems to the core.

Haiti - the US military provides the world standard for handling crises. They are organized, efficient, smart, and definitely hard working. Forget the bureaucrats, trust our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to get the job done.

1 - The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and half a dozen other U.S. Navy ships are steaming toward Haiti. They will join some 900 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division in providing emergency aid. 2200 Marines will also be on hand.
2 - Our military basic business is protecting our freedoms but it also provides incredible humanitarian relief. After the 2004 tsunami hit Indonesia and Thailand, when ports and roads were destroyed, the U.S. deployed 15,000 troops, a carrier task force (including a floating hospital and water purification systems), and a Marine expeditionary force. This flotilla supervised the delivery of tents, water, food, medicine, and other supplies before any other aid could arrive. (# 1,2 sourced from Mona Charen)

Other nations have sent help and will continue to do so but when it comes to making 'it' happen, our guys are the best. Haiti is a mess, has had corrupt government for a long time, and will be dicey for quite a while but if our guys can be given the means and backing they need, we can help them get back on their feet. There is no room for political correctness here - just do the job! They can.

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