Friday, October 23, 2009

Tomorrow on the King Banaian Show 

The newly-constituted King Banaian Show (this still feels awkward and unnatural) continues tomorrow on KYCR, AM 1570, 9-11am with a replay Sunday 5-7pm. Please note that from the station's main page you can stream the show by clicking on the "Business1570 Listen Live" link on the right hand side of the page. I know a couple of people are saying they can't stream -- I know I can. (We're working on the podcasting part.)

This week we will visit with Ken Doyle, communications professor at the University of Minnesota, about his new book To Tax or To Ration: Medicare, Medicaid, and Our Long-Term Healthcare Crisis. The book's focus is on long-term care, and in particular its impact on senior citizens. While I've known Ken for awhile, I note his new bio refers to his profession as a financial psychologist. I am fascinated by what that could mean. He'll be on in the 10 o'clock hour.

We will also discuss the current economic and financial news from last week, what's coming up next week, and the impact of losing one's airline connection on a local community (following up on yesterday's Delta news, which was the headline in the St. Cloud Times this AM.)

Missed this last week: the new show gets some speculation from Saint Paul at Nihilist in Golf Pants. Regarding reason #1 for the real reasons I'm now on Business1570 -- the station expects to be at the State Fair with its own separate studio. Nothing keeps me from the State Fair. Not even buffalo.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New radio adventure 

For those of you still wondering what's going on with the radio program, your wait is about over. As I just mentioned on KKMS Live with Jeff and Lee last hour, I will be on KYCR this Saturday, 9-11am, as we begin to roll out the new Business 1570 Talk Radio Saturday. As I'll discuss on Saturday, do NOT expect that this is just Final Word on another station. We're going to create something different, more focused on economics and finance than anything I've ever done on NARN. But you will still hear policy talk, as I've always done, with an eye towards what's happening in St. Paul and Washington that affects business leaders and entrepreneurs.

We don't have everything in place just yet to make this work, but part of my philosophy is to get out there quickly, find the problems with any new venture and work them out. So join in an audio beta-testing on Saturday, 9am, on Business 1570, Twin Cities Business Radio.

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