Monday, February 22, 2010

You got a license for that moonwalk, bub? 

It's late so I won't try to find out if all the cool states are doing it. But we are:
S.F. No. 1590, 1st Engrossment ... Posted on Feb 22, 2010 A bill for an act relating to consumer protection; protecting customers from injuries resulting from use of inflatable play equipment used for commercial purposes; requiring the presence of trained supervisors and liability insurance;proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 184B.
And, of course, it'll cost you:
Subd. 6. Registration required. An owner of an inflatable that is subject to subdivision 2 must obtain and maintain a current registration with the commissioner of labor and industry. The registration information must include the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the owner, the street address of each facility at which the owner regularly provides inflatables for commercial use in this state by others, and a current insurance certificate of coverage proving full compliance with subdivision 5. The commissioner shall issue and renew a certificate of registration only to owners who comply with this section. The commissioner shall charge a registration fee of $100 for a two-year registration designed to cover the cost of registration and enforcement. The registration certificate shall be issued and renewed for a two-year period.
The insurance is for a $1 million policy ($2 million aggregate) and must be purchased from a Minnesota-approved insurance company. So all you carpetbagging bounce house operators, we're wise to you! We're happy to pay more for a better Minnesotan moonwalk amusement.

My guess is this bill is really meant to go after people who rent them for their kid's birthday party. Here's a site that goes on and on and on and on about accidents from them. Nothing like a legislator who protects moms and dads from their own stupidity in putting an inflatable bounce house up in a 30 MPH wind.

(h/t: Sheldon Anderson.)