Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't feed the bears 

This is a good use of the Minnesota Legislature's time?
Recreational wildlife feeding would be banned in Minnesota for four months each year under legislation being proposed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Exceptions would be made for farmers, bird feeders, bear hunters and trappers, but the legislation would prohibit placing grains, vegetables or other feed for wildlife from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31.

The goal is to stop people from feeding deer, an activity that leads to car collisions and encourages illegal deer baiting during hunting seasons, DNR officials said.

"Wildlife and deer don't need supplemental food at that time of the year," said Maj. Rodmen Smith, manager of operations for the DNR's Division of Enforcement. "This will solve a lot problems with people attracting deer to their property, and it will clear up loopholes in the baiting law."
You have a budget to balance, fellas. What is the burning desire to deny corn to Bambi?

I don't doubt the issues Maj. Smith names are real issues. What I doubt is that this is a good use of a DNR officer's time. "Did you put this food here, son?"

Government now thinks it can control which animals get to eat, and when. Whatever did they do when the Minnesota Legislature didn't exist?

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