Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If you don't use price to ration, someone else may 

An unemployed Gatineau man has been doing a modest but steady business in the past week by standing in line at flu clinics for people who can�t line up themselves.

And he says the city�s security measures haven�t slowed him down.

For $15 an hour, the man who calls himself Johnny Z lines up for hours to get the ticket, or more recently the wristband, that entitles the wearer to a flu shot.

The person who hires him takes his wristband and comes to the clinic for a shot later in the day.
From Canada, hat tip to Tyler Cowen. I saw kids do this for World Series tickets for scalpers in Los Angeles many years ago (sorry, Angel and Dogder fans!) sometimes getting in line before midnight for a sale the following morning. The Canadian health system tried to switch from tickets to wristbands to restrict reselling, but Johnny's found a workaround for that.

All scarce goods get rationed somehow. Question: If you were Ontario police, would you arrest Johnny? Why or why not?

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