Friday, September 18, 2009

Where we fit 

I found this paper "Blogometrics" interesting, and being a vain sort I wanted to see where I would have fit in on that paper's tables. My Publish or Perish run gives me 10.44 cites/year (282 total), which sets me at 27 years of work -- I actually got my PhD in 1986, so that method ranks me down a bit relative to what I think it should. That puts me in the mid-40s on the Blogometrics list. Sitting just behind Don Boudreaux would be quite an honor, so I'm a little miffed the authors ignored this blog. But this has never been a pure economics blog and in fact for its first two years I did very little.

On Table 2, we'd be at 25th, with 416 average daily page views for August. Seems about right.

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