Monday, July 27, 2009

Contempt for one's neighbors and constituents 

The Republican Party of Minnesota is releasing this PM a call for Rep. Collin Peterson to apologize for remarks about the people of his district (which is just west of where I live.) In response to a question about how his constituents feel about the Obama birthplace issue, Rep. Peterson is reported by Politico as replying
�Twenty-five percent of my people believe the Pentagon and Rumsfeld were responsible for taking the twin towers down,� said Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat who represents a conservative Republican district in Minnesota. �That�s why I don�t do town meetings.�
Republican Party of Minnesota chair Tony Sutton says this is evidence that Peterson doesn't want people to know his liberal views. Of course, Peterson is best known as a Blue Dog who sold his district for thirty pieces of silver on cap and trade.

But contempt for rural conservative Minnesotans is commonplace from the Anointed. Take this letter from one Betty Johnson of Cold Spring, who wants her Anointment well-known:
We recently returned from a trip to the Middle East along with people from 16 other states. Several well-informed people asked me if I lived in the area that Michele Bachmann supposedly represents in Congress.

Then they said she is a �laughing stock� in the nation and must be and embarrassment to me! They said she talks but doesn�t seem to know the facts and that her sponsors must want people to be confused and not pay attention to the facts.

My answer was the 6th District and Stearns County conservatives don�t care what the rest of the country thinks of them and their representative! They really did vote that woman into office twice.

How embarrassing! Is she stupid? No, she is just singing the song her sponsors want her to do. Voters need to understand she does not stand for us, the people. Her sponsors are big business and coal and gas interests.
Betty Johnson to voters in the 6th District: "You're all stupid stupid poopyheads! Stop voting for her! I know better! I go to the Middle East. What is wrong with this country? Isn't anyone a real Minnesotan anymore? Why don't they listen to me? Can't they read without moving their lips?"

Explanation of link: I sent a piece of humor regarding Obama to one of my liberal aunts last night along with my father. She sends back how she gets it and it was refreshing after watching Palin's valedictory, characterizing it as "double-speak and glaring 'pseudo-humility.'" Of course, my aunt lives in Los Angeles, a place that has made pseudo-humility an art form.

It's bad enough when Hollywood thinks all of Minnesotans can be described by the natives in Fargo, Grumpy Old Men and New In Town. It's worse when the Collin Petersons and Betty Johnsons think it's their way of getting accepted in polite society or the Politico.

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