Friday, June 05, 2009

Mrs. S writes 

Today it's about the local TEA party and whether we need another.
When laws are passed or implemented, it's difficult to remove them. We don't get rid of laws � we just keep adding. The number of pages in the Federal Register � which contains rules, proposals for new or changes to existing rules, and notices of meetings � was 2,620 pages when first issued in 1936. It has averaged over 75,000 pages in this decade. Economist Milton Friedman argued in 2004 that increases in the size of the Register corresponded with decreases in individual liberty. The burden of regulation may be greater than the burden of taxes.

...Like the Boston Tea Party that protested taxation without representation, TEA Parties are a reminder of the importance of economic freedom. The staggering national debt is our crucible and challenge, and the greatest obstacle to the future that we face.

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