Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Iran's REAL Nuclear Goals 

This article in today's WSJ, outlines the moves being made by Iran to obtain the necessary components for very accurate missile strikes. These financial maneuvers, designed to hide acquisition of critical components, provide proof that the current US ostrich approach when it comes to Iran is innocent at best and very, very damaging to people of the free world. These two paragraphs summarize the situation:

Back when the Bush Administration was warning about Iran's nuclear progress, or its deadly meddling in Iraq, the typical Democratic and media response was to treat the Islamic Republic as innocent until proven guilty. This month, Democrat Robert Morgenthau supplied the proof.

In testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that was largely ignored by the media, the legendary Manhattan District Attorney opened a window on how Iran is secretly obtaining the ingredients for an arsenal of mass destruction.
One can continue to behave naively or one can grow up and recognize the real world. Thank goodness Dick Cheney is trying to awaken those who refuse to believe that there are people who want to destroy all of us, regardless of our rhetoric. It would be nice if the DC Democrats and the mainstream media would pay attention and realize what is at stake.

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