Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greetings from Albuquerque 

I was last here for the same meetings four years ago, and at that time I didn't blog much because of cost. �The hotel now offers the T-Mobile plan, which I find at right at my reservation price. �(Quick principles of economics question: �Why do more expensive hotels charge for internet access but the cheaper ones advertise free internet? �Answers in comments please.)

These meetings are not just economists -- indeed, we're a minority here. �So the opening reception last night is a great bit of anthropology of social scientists, as are the book displays. �I get a better understanding of why the natural sciences view us as not up to their standards. �I'll bring pictures later.

Old Town was delightful last night, and for the vegetarians who are sometimes put off by not being able to get red or green chili�no carne, let me send you to the Church Street Cafe. �We were three loud and hungry economists, and yet we got great service anyway and the vegetarian red chili sauce was outstanding on my vegetarian rellenos. �

So I missed the Tea Party. �See Leo for video and pictures and a description of the St. Cloud version. �You had to look hard to find any coverage in this morning's USA Today on my doorstep (that's why I typically toss the other three sections of that paper, keeping only sports.) �A few people have told me about this video, I'm off to watch it now then taking the taxpayer-subsidized train to Santa Fe for sightseeing, as all my sessions are tomorrow. �Thanks, taxpayers of New Mexico!

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