Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taxes, taxes, taxes 

Our son, a recent college graduate, just completed his first 12 months of full time employment. He was shocked when he calculated the governments' take - 27.9% of his income.

Then, I stopped at my local Starbucks for my favorite treat and spent time with "my" Starbucks server. We've discussed politics and economics when no one is behind me in the drive-thru lane. I told him about my son's reckoning with the tax system. To my surprise, "my" server said the same thing and added, "I don't make what your son makes."

If only more people looked at the totality of the taxes they pay instead of just take-home pay, maybe they would realize the real cost to real people for all these socialist tendencies on the part of Democrat legislatures. Yes, I know Bush did some, but no where near what the DFL is proposing in MN nor what Obama and crew have done in DC.

Our children will pay and pay and pay unless someone has the guts to say, "Stop, enough!"

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