Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's good to be the timekeeper 

And that's the job Tony Sertich, DFL head of the House Rules Committee, is seeking to do. A new rule is being debated in his committee today:
2.42 TIME LIMIT FOR CONSIDERATION. The Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration may establish and shall announce parameters for floor consideration of a bill, resolution, or other matter before the House.

That means that Sertich can decide how long any bill can be debated, so that those bills that are railroaded through by the DFL majority, which the GOP would like to amend, might get so short a debating period that very few amendments can come forward. This body, which as managed to get exactly one piece of legislation to the governor's office so far this year, and can't produce a budget alternative, is instead making sure the minority in the Legislature doesn't get to speak on key pieces of legislation.

If the rule passes in committee today, it might make it to the floor tomorrow. �How long will legislators get to debate it?

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