Friday, February 27, 2009

From the Winter Institute 

I'm sitting at this moment watching the second of two presentations on China-America relations. �The Economic Outlook last night was great fun; while none of our out-of-town speakers were there, we had over 250 in the audience. �While many of my former students were stuck in the Twin Cities, some closer alums made it; we also have a large number of economics students from UM-Duluth here for the conference.� My presentation from last night is here, as promised to you yesterday.

The view from this conference is that China is needed to help the US and world economy come out of recession (I've mentioned this fellow's comment from a couple weeks ago) but Wing Thye Woo (whose speech is going on while I type this) is concerned that a trade war is about to break out that will cause disruption of both goods and credit flows. �The EU is already threatening China. �

Reading tonight: �10 Reasons Why China Matters to You

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