Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Editorial of the day 

If these sessions were really seeking to find grass-roots budget solutions or even common ground between differing proposals, wouldn�t there be more than just one proposal on the table?

But there�s not. The major focus of these meetings is to examine Gov. Tim Pawlenty�s proposal.

So how are Minnesotans supposed to judge his idea with nothing for comparison? Especially no plan from DFL leaders? Or is the idea to hold another statewide �town meeting� tour once that plan comes out?

We sure hope not.

As we have repeatedly noted the past several months, Minnesota legislators are facing a serious fiscal challenge � one that is their duty to overcome. Doing so will require creative thinking, common sense and the courage to cast votes that won�t always be popular.

Holding statewide �listening sessions� isn�t really a factor in any part of that equation.
Congratulations to the St. Cloud Times editorial board for seeing through this sham.

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