Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A quick thought 

I read this from Arnold Kling:
The Obama Administration is being populated with outstanding academics, like Larry Summers and Cass Sunstein. It is not surprising that the academic world is expressing a lot of confidence in giving them huge amounts of power. These are people who are more than three standard deviations higher in IQ than average, but I still suspect that this leaves them more than three standard deviations below what would be needed to justify giving these technocrats $10,000 from every household in America to spend at the their discretion ... The folks working on the stimulus package are not people who have spent time in middle management in a large organization, where you see how life differs from a calculus problem or a term paper.
...and I remember the title of a very good history of Long Term Capital Management, When Genius Failed. How many Nobel Laureates worked for LTCM?

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