Monday, November 24, 2008

Unlike Summers, he strikes back 

Walter Block describes a scene in which other people apologize for his comments on pay differences between the races and sexes. He at least gives them a tonguelashing, as does (at the bottom of this relatively long post) Tom DiLorenzo, who explains
...the way the College handled this is a sin according to Catholic doctrine. Publicly condemning someone for his ideas without first communicating with that person and asking for clarification is "intellectual sin".
Block challenges his erstwhile inviters to a debate over pay differentials. I have some understanding of the issues involved, and while I've written a couple of papers in which we used years of education as a control variable for wage differentials without too much concern over the quality of those years of education, I certainly understand and would be happy to have debated Prof. Block for his views. His point is valid, but testable if you had data on urbanization of the school and public versus private. I suspect the PC police that came down on Block would not stay around for the rebuttals.

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