Friday, October 24, 2008

Where you vote matters 

Here is a study, this one will demonstrate that those effects are not so weak. You look for support for school bonds, and what you look for is where were the polling stations. When the polling station is in a school, you get measurable effects on the support for school bonds. They increase. That is non-trivial, it's in the real world, except that you have something that is focused, you know what the direction is. You expose a lot of people to the prime, and you observe the behavior, and it's quite measurable.
By Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman (h/t: Tyler Cowen.) ISD 742 in St. Cloud, which is engaged in another school levy referendum this year, has only eight polling places out of 55 in public schools; another five are in private schools. Maybe not enough. Question: Does polling for public school referenda fall when polling occurs in a private school?

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