Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It depends on what your motives are 

The problem with Foot's post is that he assumes my desire to be Mayor of the MOB was still present. In the email I sent him, all I did was to assure that Margaret had indeed met the rules and tried to roll something, anything. Thus I intentionally did not play a strategy that was meant to win, only to assure that she had played, meaning she wants the job.

It has been an honor to serve as your mayor. Alas, it has not been fruitful in the creation of parties for MOB, and as such I do not consider my term in office to have lived up to my expectations or yours. I am flattered to have had as much support as was provided to me (thanks for your twenty votes, Bobo.)

Heavy has rested the seal, and as major changes may be coming in the near future anyway, the process may as well begin by ceding that seal to new, better candidates. Applescowsky didn't get it, so mission accomplished there.

An endorsement of the two finalists will come tomorrow. Bribes Letters of supplication should arrive by noon, MM and Roosh. FedEx closes at 5.

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