Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As your mayor for a few more days, I have only one function left. I am asking all MOB Members in Good Standing to vote for Margaret Martin for Mayor.

As a longtime MOB member, only Margaret has the knowledge of MOB politics that we need. She clearly can handle unruly members, given her experience with her husband. Given the University of Michigan football team, she has the time. And it's time, once and for all, to break through the glass ceiling that has so far prevented women from reaching the mayor's office.

Roosh has engaged in a shadowy campaign, hiding with known libertarian turncoat Mitch Berg, trying to ride the Obama coattails, and closing his own blog. Should a blogger that disowns his own past be rewarded with the highest office in the Minnesota blogosphere? Forsooth!

So hie thee to the KARtacular, and Vote Martin!

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