Monday, October 06, 2008

Daily effects of indoctrination, Stalin photo retouch edition 

On Friday I posted that this board had had an extra poster put on it, and then updated that the poster that disagreed with the board's premise was taken down. After posting that, I tacked a note to the board asking who controlled this board and why had the extra poster been taken down? I signed the note so as to leave no doubt who was asking, and put it on a small memo paper with the university's logo.

That evening I got a call from someone standing in front of my note and said someone had written a reply on the note. Next to "who owns this board?" was written "CMTY -- see Dr. Luke Tripp." Dr. Tripp is chair of the Community Studies program. I had speculated before that the board came from that department because there was a similar board that was identified as theirs. Now we know. I have received no other communication in this regard.

There was also scrawled on the note a message that the counter-poster would be returned on Monday. As of 45 minutes ago, it was not there. But someone else had put a copy of that poster up on the board at lunch time. The person who put it up was engaged in an experiment as well, and found the note removed within two hours of his re-posting.

I am now referring to the person in the counter-poster as Yezhov. (If you've never read that book, btw, it's well worth your time.)

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