Friday, October 03, 2008


A few weeks ago I had spotted a new posting on the bulletin board I featured last summer, which had a series of drawings and slogans depicting "Daily Effects of White Privilege." �The new posting was drawn by someone who opposed affirmative action. �The drawing was there as I cam up the stairwell mid-morning but had been removed in the afternoon when I went to get a photo of it.

Yesterday another version appeared:

The thing in this students hand reads "REJECTED to promote diversity." I doubt this refers to SCSU directly -- we are not a selective institution such that admitting a student of color crowds out a student of pallor. But it could represent other schools, perhaps ones that the artist had applied to and was rejected from.

At the bottom there is a comment:
Notice: This poster does not insult anyone and it does not advocate discrimination. To remove this poster is to violate a student's academic freedom.

I think a great contrast to this particular display would have been for the student to not be anonymous. If you are going to ask for your academic freedom, you should do so openly and proudly. If the student was to face discipline, he or she should come forward and seek advice in defending his or her academic freedom. I for one would volunteer. And it would be a good contrast to this display, which has remained up now for over six months, unsigned and unattributed, left to have people believe it is a statement made on behalf of the institution. Perhaps it is; if so, why consign it to a stairwell?

I will watch to see if and when this added poster is removed like the last one. �Should the person who removes this addition be subject to any disciplinary action?

UPDATE: �Too late! �It's already been removed. �I know members of the administration read this blog, so let me ask them: �Will you investigate who is removing these posters?

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