Friday, September 26, 2008

A Visit with Laurie Coleman 

Today, Laurie Coleman (U.S. Senator Norm Coleman's wife) stopped by to visit some of our friends and neighbors. I've met Laurie before, heard her talk but it's something special when politicians (or their spouses) come to your home. She discussed raising kids in a family where dad is dedicated to public service. Tips: when little, keep the kids from seeing the trash the opposition throws at their dad; hide the papers; turn off the television. As they got older, Laurie worked with them to help them deal with opponents who know no bounds on attacking you, your family, etc.

She talked about this campaign in particular - anyone following the current US Senate campaign has seen some of the horrible attacks on Norm Coleman and it is expected to get worse, a lot worse. The Democrats have set aside over $6,000,000 to attack Norm. Then she took questions.

Sometimes you wonder if these kind of events are valuable. They are - some attendees were not sure about voting for Norm. After hearing Laurie today, they realized, "Hey, these people are like us. I'll support Norm."

I've watched Norm in small groups over the past few weeks. He really cares about Minnesotans, values, the US, kids, education, and MN history. I have my problems with some of his positions, and I call his office to voice my concerns. But the bottom line is this: he's no millionaire, he did not marry money, he works hard, and yes, he does care.

Continuing disclosure: As I have noted in the past, I am the elected Chair of Minnesota's Second Congressional District Republicans, a volunteer position in Congressman John Kline's district.

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