Friday, September 12, 2008

The Peterson definition of a maverick 

In Pat Kessler's paean to departing Override Sixer Neil Peterson, we get an interesting definition of a maverick, and a refutation of that status:
Two days after losing his seat in a primary election, Neil Peterson's at the Capitol packing up. He was targeted by his own Republican Party because he's a political maverick.

'Who is an independent thinker, thinks for themselves, does what's right for public policy and moves on,' Peterson said describing a maverick.

Peterson is one of six Republican mavericks who broke with their party to override a governor's veto, passing a transportation funding bill including a gas tax hike.

He said he'd do it again because of how bad the congestion is in his Bloomington district."
That's not a maverick; that's someone who brings home pork. At least in his case he was successful -- other guys not so much.

So maybe the Peterson definition of a maverick is "someone who brings projects home to his district regardless of the cost imposed on those outside the district." Hardly a profile in courage.

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