Friday, September 12, 2008

Energy Independence and Democrats 

This just released video by Congressman John Kline of Minnesota's Second Congressional District says it all:

"Speaker Pelosi (Democratic leader of the US House of Representatives), give the American people an up or down vote on energy." Americans are still waiting for the Congress, controlled by Democrats, to provide a vote on an "all of the above," comprehensive energy plan for Americans.

Beginning in August after Speaker Pelosi shut down Congress for a summer recess, Republicans took the energy issue to the floor of the House of Representatives. Congress resumed this week. Pelosi still refuses to address our energy problems, our gas prices and the related increased costs in home heating fuel, food, and all goods produced.

Yesterday, Democrat Pelosi again refused to address energy. Republicans are continuing the fight for energy independence and jobs for Americans. There is no need for us to send $500,000,000,000-$700,000,000,000 to people who want all of us dead.

We Americans deserve a vote from our representatives or it's time to replace irresponsible energy and job Democrats with responsible energy and job Republicans.

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