Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Teachers for higher taxes 

Mr. [Mike] Antonucci reports that during the current fiscal year the NEA sent the Hawaii State Teachers Association $20,000 to conduct polling on a state constitutional convention. It sent the Massachusetts Teachers Association $60,000 to oppose a state income-tax repeal. And it sent the Florida Education Association $200,000 to oppose property-tax cuts in the Sunshine State.

Expect more of the same going forward in a state near you. 'Unlike most previous years,' writes Mr. Antonucci, 'NEA finished 2007-08 with a surplus of nearly $5.9 million, which means the union will enter the 2008-09 school year with almost $20 million available to spend.' It's a shame the NEA doesn't spend as much money and effort trying to improve lousy schools as it does trying to keep taxes high.
From WSJ.com. Antonucci also reports that the Oakland teachers union is actually opposing a tax increase that would increase teacher pay ... because it gives money to charter school teachers too. Should make the kindergarten lesson on sharing a little more poignant, no?

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