Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Congressman Kline's Energy Blogger Call 

I have just completed participating in Congressman John Kline's blogger conference call. He returned to Washington, DC Monday evening to join other responsible members of Congress to discuss the Republican energy policy.

Democrat Speaker of the US Congress gaveled the House to summer adjournment for five weeks and left unaddressed, the pressing need of the USA to face its energy crisis. Of course, this behavior pattern has been repeated over the last 20 or so years by either a Democrat president (President Clinton vetoed the key energy bill in 1996) or Democrat members of Congress. While they claim they're for the little guy, their behavior indicates otherwise. Then there is the national security angle, but why should Democrats be concerned about national security?

The Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, promised that when the Democrats took over Congress they would grant the minority party the right to offer alternatives to proposed bills. She and her Democrat party leaders have reneged on this promise. Not only have the Democrats refused to even address Republican suggestions, they have also ignored Speaker Pelosi's statement upon the Democrat wins in 2006 that they, the Democrats had a comprehensive energy plan. She even has blocked her own party members from addressing this issue.

We Americans can continue to elect Democrat representatives who are so out of touch with what we, the little guys of America, want and need or we can toss out the Democrat members of this Congress, one of the most lame congresses in US history. There is a reason this Congress' approval rating is in single digits - it's the Democrats ignoring real needs of Americans coupled with their inability to get anything done.

(For those of you who were short-changed on being taught American government, it's not the president who makes laws, it's Congress and this Congress has done zip.)

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