Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"I'm proud to live in a state that killed off people's livelihoods" 

Well, that's not exactly what she said. She said:

... As a physician, I have already seen how this ban has helped people who work in bars finally quit smoking. I have patients who struggled quitting because they were around smoke at work. They have been more successful in quitting now that they are able to completely avoid secondhand smoking.

There are many other states starting to look at banning smoking in bars and restaurants.

I�m proud to live in a state that chose health and I hope that our progress helps other states make that commitment as well.

One person's benefits, though, are another person's costs:
The physician's answer?
I am not going to debate what is in the Bill of Rights we all hold so dear. Instead, I would like to bring forth evidence that is very well known to the medical community that supports a smoke-free workplace.
Some of us, obviously, hold it a little more dearly than others.

UPDATE: Phil Miller notes as well the passing of the Bandana Brewpub.

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