Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heaven is humid 

I am quite sure a fight will break out when I get back to St. Cloud. I have never been to a more lovely place than Hawaii (though Lake Como and Bali are in the discussion and I have not seen the French Riviera yet). Moving here is now a priority, a thought Mrs. S has squelched in the past. I will now fight harder. My only complaint was the humidity this morning as I walked from my lovely 1901-built hotel (you knew I'd like it, it has a tree with my name in the back around which I get breakfast on a veranda) to the convention hotel a block away. I did not realize how humid until I walked in and the air conditioning chilled me as much as the walk to my car in St. Cloud in January.

Two words: Kona coffee. This stuff will be coming back in the bags. I'm still debating the shirts.

Attendance appears to be good but not great. The first session I saw was on the Fed's handling of recent financial crises; even with several Fed economists in the room, nobody seemed to give it a good grade. This instrument seemed to come into the greatest criticism.

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