Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daily effects of indoctrination 3, part 4 

Another concern of the bulletin board is bullying in schools. So the sign at the bottom of this picture tells us that "This is what a bully-free world would look and feel like." OK, that sounds like a good plan! But what words do we include for "the no bully zone"? Laughter. Opportunity. Fun. Yes, that's good. Happy. Harmonious. Kids harmonious? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

Inclusive. Opportunity. Diverse.

Wait a second. Are we saying bullying has a racial component to it? It's interesting that the pictures of children together are of different races, but I think only one picture has children of two races.

While this is all for this particular board, I have a few more from nearby boards that will make a nice essay for tomorrow and Friday that I will include in this series.

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